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Black Hills Balloons is currently one of the oldest Balloon Ride companies in the USA! Here is your chance! Experience the Magnificence of the World viewed from a Balloon! The beauty of our area makes this one of the most sought after flights in the world. Drift along, cloud-like, above the peaks and scenic lakes. Herds of wild buffalo, elk and deer are frequent sights. What a fantastic way to see the historic Black Hills! All the while experiencing the oldest form of flight known to man. Enhancing your tour even more, we follow the flight with a traditional champagne celebration, personalized flight certificates as well as other amenities you will enjoy. Open May 1, 2016 to October 31, 2016


Written Cancellation Policy

THIS ACTIVITY IS NONREFUNDABLE IF CANCELLED OR UNUSED. Refunds are given only in cases where weather does not permit the balloon flight! Refunds are issued at the discretion of Black Hills Balloons, INC.

Written Deposit Policy

Full payment has been taken for this activity. .


Eligibility Requirements:
Unfortunately due to insurance restrictions we cannot fly pregnant women or children under 4. If you have any health or safety issues, such as recent surgeries or joint problems, please consult with your physician and contact us to discuss them.

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