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Rushmore Cave is the closest cave to Mount Rushmore and the home of the legendary big room. The one-hour guided tour winds through a series of rooms and passages. The most stunning is the big room. This room is one of the largest decorated cavern rooms seen on any area cave tour. Our big room has an extraordinarily large number of stalactites dangling from its ceilings and walls. Mighty columns, stalagmites and massive flowstones, along with exquisite displays of ribbons, draperies and helictites adorn this and other rooms as well.

Our tours are family oriented with a special emphasis on revealing the secrets of the cave in a manner that is interesting and fun. We can modify the content, route or pace to meet the needs of the visitors. Many visitors with special needs may successfully tour the cave. We offer a written version of the tour for the hearing impaired. The visually impaired may enjoy the cave with the assistance of a close friend. The gift shop is wheelchair accessible by means of our service road. The cave is partially wheelchair accessible. The main passages of the cave have approximately 408 stairs and narrow spots. However, our 400 foot access tunnel slopes at a gentle incline to an area of the cave where several passages meet. We offer visitors a complimentary underground experience to this junction area.

Gift shop available. Open June, July, August 8AM to 8PM - May, Sept, Oct 9AM to 5PM.

Booking Instructions: Please select the appropriate number of individuals for each activity option. One time admission for use anytime during your stay.





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