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At Old MacDonald's Farm you can enjoy over 100 of your favorite farm animals in a clean and relaxed hands-on environment. At this beautiful farm you can pet, play with and even bottle-feed the baby goats, lambs and calves. Then visit the llamas, pigs, miniature horses, mules, donkeys, draft horses, Scottish Highland and miniature Texas Longhorn cattle, potbellied pigs, goats and sheep. At the Poultry House, you can watch the baby chicks hatching in the incubator and hold the babies that have gotten their "legs". Feed the ducks and geese at the Duck Pond and the fish in the Fish Pond. Hand-feed the goats and sheep. Let the kids take a pony or train ride, then cheer for your favorite pig at the World-Class Pig Races. Relax in the sheltered Picnic Area while the kids play at the Playground. Hamburgers, hotdogs, nachos, pizza, ice cream and cold drinks are available at the Snack Barn. Farm related gifts and toys for the big and little farmer alike are available in the Gift Shop. Fun for all ages.



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