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Within an easy drive from Custer City, South Dakota, you will experience natural and man-made wonders like no place else.  Just 5 minutes away is Crazy Horse Memorial, the world’s largest mountain carving in progress and when completed will be 563-feet-high and carved in the round.

The Mammoth Site in Hot Spring, just 30 minutes from Custer, is an ongoing paleontological dig where over 60 mammoth remains have been unearthed in this prehistoric sink hole. Wind Cave National Park is the fourth longest cave in the world and one of the oldest national parks in the country. Wind Cave is a 30,000 acre park above the ground, and 119 miles of hidden labyrinth beneath the surface. 

And in Badlands National Park, researchers have found fossils dating back millions of years among the jagged spires of this 244,000 acre park. Ongoing digs continue throughout the park.

Your World Tour starts at $515 for a family of 4 and includes 3 nights lodging and entrance to Crazy Horse and a bus ride to the base of the carving; Wind Cave National Park, the Mammoth Site and Badlands National Park. We recommend adding the Jr. Paleo program at the Mammoth Site (summer only) and entrance to Custer State Park. 

Valid 1/1/16 - 12/31/16. 

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