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Don't miss the Badlands National Park loop on your road trip west.  Located one hour from the Black Hills between Murdo and Wall Drug, this 244,000 acre park contains one of the world's richest fossil beds, colorful spires and pinnacles. 

This package also includes stops along the way at the Pioneer Auto Show in Murdo, The 1880's Town at exit 170 and the Prairie Homestead original sod house just outside the gate of the park.

Package starts at $255 for a family of 4 and includes one night’s lodging in Wall and entrance to Pioneer Auto Show, 1880 Town, Badlands National Park, Prairie Homestead and discount coupons in Wall.

Don't miss Wall Drug; the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site, the first national park in the world dedicated to the events of the Cold War; and the National Grasslands Visitor Center.  All are FREE.  For more information on tours at the Minuteman Site call, 605-433-5552. 

Valid Dates May 1- October 15, 2015

Activities are booked separately as you build  your package. Changes to the package (more nights, upgraded room, more activities, extra person or older children) will automatically adjust the price.  If an activity from the package is not listed during your booking process, it may not be available for the dates you have chosen or has closed for the season.

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